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It all started when I decided to join "Fun-A-Day" in 2014 and teach myself to paint with watercolors by doing one daily for the month of January.


Day 1, a sunset, was done with a very tentative hand and sloppy brush strokes. But as the days clicked by I grew more confident. I started to see my growth and it surprised me. Could I really have learned to paint with watercolors by the sheer diligence of a daily practice?

I continued for the entire year, and into the next. It's now evolved from a painting a day into a broader "Art-A-Day" practice as I do more conceptual pieces and work in other mediums as well.


I will continue to post my work here on this website, so please check back regulary. If you would like to see them daily, as I complete them, follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

You can also follow me on Facebook.

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Pricelist available upon request. Limited edition prints also availble.