I've been "into food" since a very young age. I think being born into a multi-cultural family, paved the way for more adventurous eating. I wasn't a picky eater as a child, but I always had a problem eating meat. So I went vegetarian while in high school. I discovered I have Celiac Disease about 10 years ago and more recently I have been aspiring to go vegan. I love to try new restaurants and I'm one of those annoying "food porn" posters.

I love to cook and would love to train to be a chef if I had another lifetime. So instead I cook for my family and friends. I started growing an organic vegetable garden in my backyard when I moved back to Los Angeles. I will be posting photos of the garden in its different stages, some meals or dishes I feel are especially inspired. And perhaps I'll share a recipe or two along the way.  Stay tuned.

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